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Medigage-About Us

About Medigage


Medigage a pioneering VR clinical skills simulation medical education company.

We provide high-quality medical simulation and clinical skills training of healthcare professionals and non-clinicians, improving patient healthcare outcomes and saving lives.



Our purpose and mission is clear; increase patient safety standards and quality of care globally regarding the fundamental core medical and minor surgical clinical skills by utilizing groundbreaking technology and scientific academia to ensure our solutions are effective.

Our Team

We are tight knit team of

-Medical and Surgical Doctors

-Virtual Reality software and Haptic hardware engineers

-Medical Education Academics



Ushering in a new age of medical education



We are passionate about tackling the well-recognized ( recognised by central government bodies) problem of:

  •  Under-preparedness of junior doctors, medical students and junior health care professional to deal with medical emergencies, crash calls and the lack of realistic training and opportunity to perform minor surgical skills, for example, a chest drain.
  • Under-preparedness of the general public to deal with medical emergencies i.e. someone having a cardiac arrest on a normal street, in a park or at home.
  •  Artificial, expensive and outdated traditional manikin medical simulation equipment.